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You’ve got a 15-minute changeover. You’ve just taken out all your effects and patch cables from your plastic bag, and hooked everything up in a rush. A quick test tells you something isn’t quite right. Your signal’s intermittent, but you can’t localize the problem. The audience are waiting. You simply have to bite the bullet and play the first number…

Your Custom Boards pedalboard will make sure you will never find yourself in this situation again.

Your pedalboard is ready to play the moment it’s powered up. There will be no buzzes or crackles, and you will get top-rate sounds consistently, from gig to gig.

A Custom Boards pedalboard is quickly hooked up and packed up. The stage manager will love you for it and word of your professionally minded band will quickly get around. Especially when a band is considered for a support slot, a quick and problem-free setup plays a crucial role. It’s the mark of a true professional.

If your tour involves fly dates, we will make sure that your board will also be light enough. Our expertise and knowledge are based on years of real life international touring experience, ranging from clubs to big festivals.

The Custom Boards Benefits

  • No more broken pedals or patch cables
  • No loss of signal; no hum or hiss
  • Consistent pro-quality tone – every night
  • Your setup, changeover and load out are done in a flash

What happens next?

We offer you different services for updating your pedalboard to a professional level; all include a personal consultation. You can book these services using our contact form. Choose the service you require from our four options:

    The Custom Boards pedalboard – complete package

    You want us to make the pedalboard that will not not fail during your show and take care of all technical details, so you can only concentrate on making music?

    Read more about complete package 


    Pedal Power Evaluation Service

    Are you searching for the right power supply to feed your pedals? Are you unsure how to determine the right size of power supply, and how to install it correctly? Are you afraid you could damage your pedals or mess up your signal by connecting the power supply incorrectly?

    Read more about pedal power evaluation


    DIY-pedalboard consultation

    You want to build or finalize your own pedalboard, but would need some professional help with the planning, as well as with choosing the right parts?

    Read more about DIY-consultation


    Pedalboard troubleshooting service

    You have technical problems with your pedalboard, like noise, hum or intermittent sound, but you can’t solve the problem yourself? Or maybe you’re dissatisfied with the performance of your board?

      Read more about troubleshooting


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