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Custom Boards Finland Oy
Sahaajankatu 14

Phone: +358 10 411 0160
VAT number: FI28291188

Custom Boards is open by appointment only:

We don’t run a traditional retail shop, where you can hang out and try out different equipment. We need all our time and resources to run our webshop, build custom-make pedalboards, and work with our clients during one-on-one appointments.

You are welcome to visit us for a quick shopping, but we would like you to think Custom Boards as your friend, who you would call and let him/her know that you are about to arrive.

If need any consultation from us, please see our services.

Visiting Custom Boards’ HQ

You can pay for any purchases at our HQ using Debit or Credit cards. Please book an appointment in advance by phone (+358 10 411 0160).

This will enable us to prepare for your visit so that our time together can be used most effectively.

When can I collect my pre-made order in person?

You can collect your order in person from Custom Boards HQ. Please schedule a pickup in advance by phone (+358 10 411 0160).

Your order will be packed and ready for collection, so you won’t have to spend unnecessary time waiting.

    Contacting us:

    Preferred way of contacting us is by calling to +358 10 411 0160. Please note that if we are in the middle of a consultation session, our phones will be turned mute. We will get back to you as quickly as possible.

    You can also try to reach us by email, but we cannot guarantee you a quick reply. We are checking our emails once per day and reply according the date received.

    Shipping Fees

    Scandinavia and Baltic countries

    Rest of the European Union

    USA, Canada, Non EU-countries and rest of the world

    If you shop from outside the European Union, you will see all prices VAT 0 % at the checkout, so you can order without paying the 24% VAT.

    Fast delivery