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Fulltone Octafuzz OF-2



Fulltone Octafuzz gives you the only exact copy of the legendary Tycobrahe Octavia. You will get sounds reminiscent of Band Of Gypsys-era Hendrix and SRV's live shows out of this pedal. Fulltone Octafuzz is used by Gary Clark Jr., Scott Henderson, Joe Satriani and many others.


    Volume: Sets output volume level.
    Brings distortion to your octave sound, gets more distorted towards 5 o'clock. If you want cleanish sounds, keep this control below 10 o'clock.
    Octa/Fuzz switch: In Octa position you will get a Hendrix-type octave up sound with a slight amount of ring modulator-type overtones. Octave sound is more pronounced with your guitar's neck pickup.
    In Fuzz position you will get a raw, highly distorted fuzz sound with sustain for days.
    • Power requirements: 2.1 mm 9 V DC centre positive power supply or 9 V battery. 4 mA.
    • True Bypass
    • Made in USA


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