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Catalinbread has adapted the legendary disk echo into a pedal form. Echorec was a secret weapon behind Pink Floyd's delay sounds. In addition to the legendary sound, the original Echorec was also famous for its constant need for servicing. You don't need to worry about that with this high quality USA-made pedal.

• Delay Time: Adjusts the length of delay from 40 milliseconds to 1 second. The original Echorec had a maximum delay of 300 ms.

• Mix: Sets the blend of wet and dry signal, from 100% wet to 100% dry.

• Swell: Controls the amount of repeats. Only one repeat in 7 o'clock, endless self-oscillating repeats in 5 o'clock.

• Tone: Adjusts the tone of the repeats from dark and fat to thin and bright. Dark setting makes the repeats sit in the background. Bright setting emphasizes the attack, so it's good for situations when the rhythm of the delay is wanted to stand out.

• Program Select: Controls which delay patterns are used. This control is the key to Pink Floyd-styled rhythmic delays.

• Inside the pedal: trimmers for Gain and Modulation Depth.

• Power draw: 2,1mm 9-18 VDC center negative power supply, 61 mA.

• True Bypass or buffered bypass (switchable inside the pedal)

• Made in USA

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