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Catalinbread Adineko gives you the mystical sound of oil can delays used in the 1950's and 60's. The sound is clear and it has vibrato in it, which is in sync with the delay times. The enclosures of Adineko Delays have been made to look worn.

• Blend: Sets the mix between the dry and the effected signal. Goes from 100% dry to 100% wet.

• Balance: The old oil can delays had two tape heads, one head gave you shorter, and the other head longer delay time. The Balance control in Adineko replaces the rotator switches for choosing either or both tape heads with stepless control over the mix between the different heads. At 7 o'clock you will only hear the short delay tape head, at 5 o'clock you will only hear the longer delay tape head. At 5 o'clock they are balanced with both as loud. By turning the control to different settings you can create different rhythmic patterns by attenuating either head over the other.

• Reverb: Sets the amount of repeats by feeding the delay signal back to the input of the delay circuit. As with the original units, the repeats will quickly get foggy and modulated.

• Viscosity: Sets modulation depth for the repeats.  You will find a more thorough explanation for this from the manual.

• Timing: Sets the delay length. Maximum delay time is 1 second. Original oil can delays had a maximum delay time of only about 80-120 milliseconds.

• Power Requirements: 2,1mm, 9-18V centre negative power supply.

• True Bypass

• Made in USA

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